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Are the Sunday school books available as eBooks?
Presently, our Sunday school material is not available in eBook format.
When was the last time the Official COGIC Handbook was updated?
The latest revision made to the Official COGIC Handbook was in 1992.
When was the last time the Official Women’s Department Handbook was updated?
The latest revision made to the Official Women’s Department Handbook was in 2002.
There are three different hymnals available online for purchase with two different prices. Are the songs different in the hymnals?
No, they all have the same songs. The covers are different: a red, blue, and black leather cover.
Will they be making the Adult Quarterly teacher in large print?
They may eventually do large print.
Can I submit a book or manuscript to the COGIC Publishing House for publishing?
The COGIC Publishing House is not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Authors interested in having a book proposal reviewed should consider the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association Manuscript Service. For detailed information, visit www.christianmanuscriptsubmissions.com
Does the Publishing House print books?
No, the Publishing House does not print books.
Can I customize my delivery options?

Yes, depending on your delivery method (UPS or FedEx) you can customize your delivery.

Click here for UPS My Choice

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How many times can I download an eBooks?
The eBooks can be downloaded three times.
Are the books discounted after a certain period in the quarter?
The Sunday school books and the Annual Commentaries do not change in price. However, some of our other books and material may run on sale at different times during the year.
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No faqs found in this category
What Payment method can I use when placing an order by phone?
When placing order by phone we accept all major credit or debit cards.
What Payment method can I use when placing an order on this website?
When placing an order on this website we you can use the following methods: Credit or Debit Cards or PayPal account. When using a PayPal account it will allow you to use a eCheck to complete your order.
Can I buy my Sunday school books in advance?
Yes, you can pay up to a year in advance for your Sunday school books. You are required to pay the amount of the books plus shipping for each quarter upfront.
Can you save my credit card information?
For security reasons, we do not save your credit card information. Each time you place an order you will have to give us your credit card information.
Will you process my order if I fax it in and mail the check in?
We do not honor faxed orders. Your order cannot be processed until the payment is received in the mail.
Will you process my order if I fax it in with the credit card information on the order?
We strongly recommend that you never send us a fax with any credit card information on it for security reasons. We do not honor any faxed orders. Please call us with your order and your credit card information.
Why is the shipping price online and by phone different than the shipping price on the order form?
The shipping prices on the order form are a flat rate based on the price of the order. When we take your order by phone or online, our system processes the shipping price of your order based on where your order is going and the weight of your package.
I been trying to place my order online but when I get ready to check out, it won’t accept my credit card , I know I have money on my card. Can you take my order?
Yes, please contact our call center at (901) 744-0477
Can you give me the number to the Bookstore or can you connect me?
The number is (901)525-4004
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