About Church Of God In Christ Publishing House

Mission Statement

The Church Of God In Christ Publishing House exists to fulfill Psalm 68:11 by creating, publishing and distributing the highest-quality Christian educational resources that educate, inspire and equip God’s people with Power For Living; thus enabling them to become committed disciples who are dedicated to evangelizing the world for Jesus Christ.

Our History

The Church Of God In Christ Publishing House is one of the oldest businesses in our religious organization.  Through the God-given vision of our founder, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, the Publishing House vitally impacted the ministry of Christian education.  Under the leadership of historic individuals, such as Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., and the first Publishing Board President, Bishop F. D. Washington, the Publishing House’s foundational structure began.  From 1968 forward, Bishop Roy L. H. Winbush and Bishop Norman Quick took the ministry to a greater productive level.  Brother Huegha Terry served as the first president of the Publishing House and worked diligently for 30 years.  Bishop David A. Hall, Sr. followed Brother Terry as CEO and worked faithfully until he was elevated to the Publishing Board in 2012. 

The goal of producing curriculum that represents the doctrine and traditions of Pentecostalism is more vital today!  As the Publishing House serves the Church worldwide, its members can be confident they are using ministry tools that will help win and mature souls for Christ.  An extended part of our ministry is the growing number of ministries that are independent charismatic organizations that need materials.  Our lessons plans are derived from the International Sunday School Literature and shares the very same subject matter of other groups.  There is uniformity in the ranks of Christian Churches.  However, when a more Pentecostal or doctrinal emphasis is needed, our materials are true to our biblical holiness interpretations.

In 2010 Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. appointed Attorney John W. Daniels, Jr., Chairman of the Publishing Board and under his administration, the Publishing House has moved into the digital age.  The ministry accelerated and vast improvements in productivity are a witness to God’s blessing upon our business.  Major enhancements in productivity, product design, product content, customer service, website and Internet service, and business, in general, have been implemented for our customers.  There is one incentive, YOU, the customer!

Our motto: “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it,” Psalms 68:11, has been the Church Of God In Christ Publishing House inspiration. Certainly, the men and women who labor to supply the literature and materials for local Sunday Schools around the world appreciate the challenge.  It is with progress and service in mind, that this web page has been developed.  Our great company hopes to keep pace with this dynamic world.

The Church Of God In Christ Publishing House is committed to continued development of curriculum and training materials for local churches and jurisdictions around the world.  Because of changes in technology and media, the world is shrinking as the need for our ministry is expanding globally.

Our staff is called to “Get The Word Out” and committed to providing exemplary customer service.  We invite you to explore our website, purchase products, view profiles of officers and observe the ministry of our Publishing House. We are here to serve!




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